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Beograd Forum to support Ungarian-Austrian alliance for peace and neutrality

Serbia pursues a military neutrality and opposes to all forms of unilateral illegal sanctions

Thank you very much for keeping us informed about your activities and positions on the current developments in Europe. We are pleased to note that the views of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals coincide with your views in the most instances.

The Belgrade Forum strongly supports your recent Joint communiqué addressed to the governments of Austria and Hungary calling them to pursue a clear peace policy and to oppose in the strongest possible terms to the attempts of internal and external forces to drag the two countries into an armed conflict against Russia.

Peace and security are indivisible values of all countries, precondition for freedom, independence and prosperity. Therefore, Belgrade Forum welcomes commitment of Austro-Hungarian peace movements to the political settlement of the conflict in Ukraine that can be achieved only by resolving the causes of the conflict, taking into account various international diplomatic initiatives particularly presented by the leadership of China underlining the need to overcome the unipolar world order in favor of a truly democratic and just one.

Belgrade Forum shares your views regarding the principle of indivisibility of security, the fact that no party can guarantee its security at the expense of the other and the consideration that it is unacceptable that NATO rejects Russia's security demands expanding its military machinery further to the Russian boarders.

The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals avails itself of this opportunity to stress that Serbia pursues a military neutrality and opposes to all forms of unilateral illegal sanctions, because sanctions are inhumane tools of war and confrontation, not of peace and equitable development.

Wishing you further success in the common struggle for peace,

Zivadin Jovanovic, President of the Belgrade Forum